What We Do

We offer one main service: building a bridge between college students in the world, some of whom are in need of assistance, and others who have the means to help.

What We do


For those who would like to apply for sponsorship, we have a very simple process which begins with students contacting us either by phone or through our website. When you do this, you will be asked to provide us with some information, and once that is completed you will be added to our registry, in which we will then entertain your request. 

For those who would like to donate, please know that you will become a member of the College Kids Helping Kids Family, and that without you, none of this would be possible.

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We would not be able to help college kids without the help of our sponsors. Please click for more information.

Whether former or fellow students, or simply people who feel a connection to the cause, our sponsors know how challenging college and university expenses can be and want to help. We cannot express how grateful we are to our sponsors—thank you! By donating, you are not only giving to a good cause, you are helping a student with their education, and joining the Help College Kids family. Ours is a membership that is good for life!


Become a part of the program that enables college students to focus on their education, and how they will choose to contribute to the world we live in. 

Attending college can be challenging financially, and we strive to make it a little easier. We want our students to have the means to succeed, and we’d love for you to help with our mission.


Your donations go directly towards helping college students afford books, supplies, even computers and housing. You can feel good about helping out students who need it most.

We strive to make our Students happy

So, let's be happy together